How long do you need to set up?

We will arrive with you around 90 minutes (earlier if our schedule allows) before the scheduled performance time, This gives us time to evaluate the available performance space & To set up the required equipment, Complete a soundcheck & allow the cast to get ready for the touring pantomime.  It usually takes between 20-30 minutes to pack down and clear the venue after the performance.

Our smaller care home pantomiomes use a smaller set up & so are able to arrive around 30 minutes before the show is due to start.  It takes a similar time to pack down and clear the venue.

How Long Are Your Touring Pantomimes?

Our Full Length Pantomimes last approximately 120 minutes, including a short interval, this running time can be adjusted to fit the school day if required.

Our 3 Man Pantomimes last approximately 50-60 minutes, varying slightly due to audience reaction.

What ages are your shows aimed at?

Our Touring Pantomimes are suitable for the whole family to enjoy, When we visit schools the content is suitable for the entire school to enjoy.

Many schools over the years have brought their nursery classes in to watch our touring pantos, but we recommend the younger children are sat at the back of the hall on benches closer to the teachers as we have found that they enjoy the show more this way. (As the cast do not appear so large & the volume is quieter at the back of the venue)

For our adult only productions these are for big boys & girls who are 18 and over (these productions are clearly identified on our website)

How much space do you need?
Our Touring Pantomimes require a hall or similar space with at least two 13amp plug sockets, Regarding space our sets are adapatble in height and width so we can usually fit into any venue with ease, However the more space you allow the spectacular we can make the pantomime for you.

All of our touring panto teams are experienced in setting up in all different types of venues & We will work with your venue to ensure we set up in the best & safest place.  For School performances we are able to set up around breakfast clubs, lunches and any other activities if necessary.

Do you have a maximum audience size?

As long as everybody can fit comfortably in the Venue, we don’t mind how many people watch our touring pantomimes.

Health and Safety?

All of our equipment is PAT tested annually and we hold full public liability and employers insurance to the value of £10 million.