HI! If all you’ve heard about touring panto companies is negative, read on………

Here at Gerry Graham’s touring panto’s we do things a little differently. We perform a PROPER panto – a full 2 hour theatre panto - and make it fit smaller venues. We carry four or five full scenes, plus starcloth for the walkdown. We even bring the tabs, a proper lighting rig including footlights, sennheiser headset radio mics and a sound system to die for. Costumes are theatre quality, the scripts are personally written by Gerry Graham, There are original and chart songs in the score.

Oh, and we pay a PROPER salary, ALWAYS on time (if not before). You’ll share a room in a Travelodge with another of the same gender, and you’ll travel in our van with dvd player and phone chargers for every passenger. You’ll be covered by our public and employees insurance through Equity. We even arrange some stays in a Travelodge for multiple days, so you can get your washing done!

See? Doing things properly.

Is it hard work? Of course it is – because we do things right! Initially there’s a lot to take in BUT you’re in a team of six, and everyone rallies round until the team runs like a well oiled machine. Yes, there will be some early starts, but we generally work on the basis of two shows per day, so there are some early finishes too. Yes, it gets cold – its winter! Wrap up warm. Wear gloves and a hat. Our company managers are always on the lookout for reasonably priced places to eat. Don’t try and survive on a diet of Mcdonalds – you need proper food to sustain you on the road.

What do you need?

Good attitude and determination. Most parts require some vocal ability and comic timing. You must be directable.  We expect you to have a current DBS certificate as we will be in many schools and venues where there are children. We can show you how to get your DBS so don’t panic if you haven’t got one yet. It’s important that you should be in good health, and able to function well individually, and in company. We build teams. We don’t massage egos.

So what do you get out of the process?

You’ll learn the tradition of panto, and you’ll be taught the right way to do things. Because you are in so many different venues, you learn how to cope with different audiences, and you’ll gain a lot of valuable experience to help you progress up the panto ladder. You’ll never look down on stage crew, because in a tour, you’ve all done their jobs, and you’ll treat them with respect. You’ll never leave a stage in an untidy or potentially unsafe state, because you’ll be taught correct stage housekeeping and how to assess risks. You’ll learn about people, and how to get the best out of them. You’ll learn to make decisions, and to back your judgement. And, importantly, you’ll learn about yourself.

We’re the best in touring panto. Not the biggest, but the best. We want the best touring panto performers to work with us.  If YOU want to be the best, well…I guess it’s up to you!

If you have a passion for panto then we would be delighted to hear from you.

Please note you must be aged 18 or over to work with us to comply with our insurance and Gerry Graham’s touring panto’s abide by the equity manifestio for casting.

please complete our online form to apply for casting oppotunities with us & ensure you include a recent headshot.

We are now taking casting submissions for the 2024 panomime season.

Please be aware that we do genuinely take the time to read all applications submitted to us, but we will only contact those people who we wish to audition. If you do not hear from us, you have not been successful in obtaining an audition with us on this occasion. Thank you for taking time to apply.
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